Make the strike.

Cut a strip of brass about 2.5" (64mm) long.
  • Measure the distance from the top of the solenoid shaft to the edge of the box lid - typically about 0.44" (11mm).
  • Drill a .31" (8mm) hole in one end for the solenoid shaft.  The edge of the hole should be 11mm from the end of the strip.
  • Drill 2 more 1/8" (3mm) holes for rivets.
  • Bend the strike above the hole as shown below.

Temporarily install the strike

  • Position the strike on the front of the box and align the top with the edge of the box as shown.
  • Fasten it temporarily with machine screws.  Make sure you can unfasten it from outside the box.  We will need to open the box for adjustments if the latch binds.

Test latch operation

If the latch binds or fails to engage the strike, shim the solenoid and/or adjust the position of the strike as needed.

Rivet the strike

Once you have verified that everything is positioned for proper latch operation, make it permanent and tamper-proof by replacing the screws with pop-rivets.

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