Install the keypad and switch

If the adhesive on the keypad does not stick well to the textured box surface, you can fix the corners down with small screws or nylon snap-rivets.

Install Circuitry

Position components inside the lid and glue spacer blocks around them. 
  • Use foam tape to hold the fingerprint sensor in place.
  • Place extra spacer blocks in the center under the solenoid location.
  • Use tape and/or cable ties to hold wires in place.

Fit the false lid

Make cutouts for the power cable, FTDI header and clearance for the switch.

Note:  A smaller switch would fit better in a box this size, but these metal lighted switches look SO awesome we couldn't resist!

Cover the false lid

Apply adhesive felt to the false lid.  Cut flaps around the FTDI header access and the switch and leave a cutout for the solenoid footprint.

Install the false lid and solenoid

Postion the solenoid with the tip of the shaft just even with the inner edge of the box lid.

Use wood screws to fasten the solenoid.  Make sure they are long enough to go through the false lid and fasten securely to the space blocks underneath.

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