Solder wires


Measure and cut wires to fit the keyboard length. 

Use a flush cutter to trim excess solder away from the sides and bottom of the board.

Press fit the KB2040 with the USB-C port facing outward. 

Route wires


Pass wires through the opening on the side of the case.

Align the lid to the USB-C port opening on the case. Press fit the lid into the case to attach.

Mount Big Switch


Align the back of the Big Switch (LED side), to the USB-C port opening on the case. Carefully coil wires to side of the case. Press fit the Big Switch onto the case.


Attaching multiple case 


Align the "T" connectors to attach them together. Pass wires from the main case to the next. 

Connect Big Switch


Fit a quick connect wire on each of the pins on the Big Switch


Optional LED


A 10mm LED can be placed inside to illuminate the key when pressed. 


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