From left to right, the Adafruit Gemma M0, Adafruit PyBadge, and Adafruit Circuit Playground Express

The best boards for absolute beginners have features like these:

  • They're easy to code -- with a programming language that can be used and tested even without a board, so students can practice outside the classroom.
  • They're easy to connect directly to a circuit -- so soldering or breadboards aren't required to get started.
  • They're easy to attach to a base, holder, robot body, or other part so you can use them in the physical world. (That's why we call it "physical computing.")
  • They let you easily add electronics and software -- so students can move beyond the basics as their abilities grow. (Keep in mind that students will probably catch on quicker than you!)

Find out more about software and hardware to look for in the pages below.

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