This section will detail how to install drivers for the USB/Serial connection (and the other USB devices) from the Bone onto your Windows computer. We'll try to have more documentation on using the Bone with a Mac & Linux at some point but since so many people use Windows and its tougher to install the drives on Win than other OS's we'll start here!

For this tutorial you will need:

Pick these parts up at the Adafruit shop!

Download & Install

First, we'll install the Windows driver package. Download this link to BONE_DRV.exe and double click it.

When prompted/warned about the software, click Continue Anyways - you'll need to do it 3 times - once for each driver.


Start by opening up your Bone packaging, and finding the MiniB USB cable
Plug the miniB side into the Bone, and the A side into your Windows computer. You'll see a popup saying the computer found a USB serial converter.
And then an install popup. Click Install the software automatically and Next.
Click Continue Anyway when it warns you.
You should finish successfully.
Next you'll go through the same process for the Disk Drive and Beaglebone devices.

Follow the same instructions, installing Automatically and clicking Continue Anyways.

Finally, you will have the new USB serial port. Go to the Device Manager on your computer to find the name of the COM port. In my case its COM17.

That's it, you've installed the drivers! Next up we'll connect via serial and log in.

This guide was first published on Jul 29, 2012. It was last updated on Jan 22, 2024.

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