You can provide power to the BBC micro:bit two ways - through the USB cable or via battery. The main way to program the BBC micro:bit is through the USB cable. However, once you've uploaded your program, you can use battery power to make your project mobile.

Here's where you connect the battery pack:

This little plastic connector is called a JST PH connector. The battery pack that comes with the Go Bundle has the correct part to plug in there. The battery packs that Adafruit sell also come with the correct connector. Just plug and go.

Here's a matching cable

Top view shot of a red and black JST PH 2-Pin Cable to Female Connector - 100mm.
Red and black tinned wires with a 2-pin JST PH connector on the end. 4" / 100mm long. Matches up nicely with our Lipoly chargers!
In Stock
Be careful unplugging though. The wires are not super strong and you shouldn't pull the plug out by yanking on them. Try and grab the edge of the connect plug as best you can.

Choosing Battery Power Supply

Powering via battery is a little different than powering via USB. The on board voltage regulator is bypassed, so you need to pick your battery supply carefully. See here for some guidance:

(thanks David Hamilton from Scotland for pointing this out!)

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