Try on some NeoPixel strip and cut to the size you like. I found that a 1m strip was perfect for my bandolier, but you may need more if you are not a petite lady, or slightly less if you are making a belt.

The 3D printed bullets were designed to line up with 60 pixel-per-meter strip.

Strip and tin three different colored silicone-coated stranded wires.


Solder the wires to the input of your NeoPixel strip, alternating solder joints from the front to the back of the flex PCB to avoid overcrowding.

Solder the other ends of the wires to GEMMA as follows:

GEMMA Vout to NeoPixels 5V

GEMMA D1 to NeoPixels Din

GEMMA GND to NeoPixels GND

Plug in your GEMMA over USB and program it with the light pattern you desire. We suggest modding up the Larson Scanner Shades sketch or the Cyberpunk Spikes sketch to match the number of NeoPixels in your bandolier and the output pin on GEMMA (1).

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