Print a bunch of these "McRib" shaped bullet tiles to comprise your bandolier or belt in white NinjaFlex flexible filament. The design is optimized to print with no support material.


Download the STL files below. Parts are oriented to print "as-is" and positioned in the center of the printer build plate.

Slicer Settings

For the best quality when printing with NinjaFlex, we recommend the following slicing settings:

  • Retraction: Off
  • Speeds: 45/50
  • Extruder Temp: 230c
  • Infill 10%
  • Raft+Support: Off
  • No Heated Bed

Clean Up

The print may include some string artifacts during the printing process. These bits of string and easily to remove with a pair of sharp scissors. Tug on the bits of material and ship them away to remove the excess material.

Modify Design

The original solids where created in Autodesk 123D Design and are available to customize to match your costume. You can edit the model directly inside your browser or the 123D desktop app.

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