Wiring Chart

There are four conductors in a USB 1.1/2.0 cable to wire up in the cable connectors:

  • Red (positive voltage)  VCC
  • White (negative data)  D-
  • Green (positive data)   D+
  • Black (ground) GND

Connector Numbering

The aviation connectors have solder lugs with the pin numbers labeled in the plastic molding. They are pretty tiny and have the numbers spaced confusingly (why are the numbers evenly/ambiguously spaced between the pins?!), so we've created these diagrams and photos to help.

The connectors are keyed with a notch at the top to aid in orientation, as well. This is important because the connectors can only be coupled one way.

Socket Front
Socket Back (solder side)
Pins Front
Pins Back (solder side)

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