The Capsela Robo-Vehicle Builder kit stems from 2003 when Capsela was working with Scholastic in branding and Toys-R-Us on distribution. It has 47 pieces, which is more limited than the Capsela 1000 kit. I find the fewer the pieces, the limited combination they can be put together. With this kit, adding Crickit is just as easy as with the larger system - they have essentially the same motor and gear system. And they do come in colors :-)


With only four capsules, the configurations cannot be too big. I really wanted to use the chain drive though. I have built a handheld unit which gears down the motor and then has the torque to drive the chain and to spin a propeller type piece. 


You can use the same MakeCode used in the CapselaBot 1000 build with this project. This allows you fine motor control, changes of direction, and rainbow colors.

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