Wires for DC Motor

The DC motor includes wires but they are not long enough to reach the circuit when installed. So we'll need to remove these and add some longer ones. The ground wire should be about 4 inches long. The voltage wire should be about 6 inches in length.

Remove Wires

You can remove the wires from the motor by heating up the solder joints with the tip of the iron. You can keep note of the polarity if you'd like. The DC motor will rotate in the opposite direction if the polarity is reversed. I used a panavise jr. to secure the DC motor in place while soldering. 

New Wires for Motor

Now we can attach the new longer wires to the DC motor. Note the orientation of the wires, they're attached horizontal instead of vertical like the original wires. Having the wires in this orientation makes the assembly easier.

Connect Ground from Motor

The ground (black) wire can now be soldered to the negative pin on VERTER. This is our first connection for the motor. The positive red wire will be connected to the arcade button in the next page. 

This guide was first published on Mar 14, 2018. It was last updated on Nov 24, 2023.

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