Press a button, make a sound. The Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board makes custom audio projects as easy as they can be!

Sometimes, press a button, make a sound over there would be just the thing. This project shows how to add a wireless remote control to the Audio FX Board. It’s great for Halloween pranks, cosplay outfits and other shenanigans, or maybe you want to design the whoopee cushion of the future.

Parts List:

Also Required:

  • 74HC04 hex inverter IC. Adafruit does not sell this component, but online electronics shops like DigiKey and Mouser have it available. (A 74HC14 can also work, if that’s easier to acquire — exact same pinout.)
  • 0.1 µF capacitor.
  • Amplifier/Speaker. For a project like this it’s sometimes simplest to use an existing “MP3 player speaker,” but we do offer various amplifiers, speakers and battery options if you need to create a fully custom design. A new version of the board with a built-in amplifier greatly simplifies this!
  • Wire, solder and soldering paraphernalia.
  • Perhaps an enclosure and other parts…

This is not a “follow me exactly” project…you’ll almost certainly be adapting it to your own situation! Read through the whole guide first so you have a better idea of exactly what parts you’ll require for your own version.

This guide was first published on Oct 06, 2014. It was last updated on Sep 29, 2014.

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