Bluetooth Pairing

Before you can play, you'll need to pair the controller with your iPad or iPhone. This is a simple as turning on the joystick and then heading to the Bluetooth settings on your device and choosing the new item listed at the bottom called "AtariFruit Joystick."

You'll be prompted to accept the pairing request. Go ahead and tap "pair".

Now, you'll see the AtariFruitJoystick" has been added to the Bluetooth devices list, with the "Connected" status. It's ready to go!

Once paired, you can test it out by heading to a note-taking app and moving the joystick in all four directions as well as pressing the fire button. You'll see a letter "typed" each time you press or release the joystick from a particular direction, or shoot with the button. That's great, it means everything is working!

Whenever a Bluetooth keyboard is connected, iOS hides the virtual on-screen keyboard. If you need it back, simply turn off the AtariFruit joystick's switch. The keyboard will reappar. Then, turn the joystick back on to use it again!

Play Time

All that's left is to play! Look for games in the app store that are iCade compatible. The Atari official collection is a great place to start, with it's huge list of 2600 games, all of which use the joystick and single button for control. How about some Adventure?

Another really fun one is Ms. Pac-Man, which, in all honesty should never be played without a joystick!

Enjoy your new/old, wireless classic gaming joystick!

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