Printer Controls

You have access to most movements. You can jog the X, Y and Z axis in increments of 0.1, 10 and 100mm. The nozzle and bed temperature can be adjusted by dragging the handle in the slider guage. Extrude filament can be used for priming and switching filaments. There's also support for multiple extruders. Clicking the "house" icon will home the desired axis. The fan can be enabled by clicking the "fan" icon.

Printable Files 

This is where all of your gcode files are stored and listed. You can upload gcode by clicking on the upload button. If you prefer to slice using Astrobox, you can upload an STL file and skip opening your slicer - You can choose between the Cura or Slic3r engine.

You can delete files by clicking on the cube icon next to the file name. It will bring up a modal window with a "trash can" icon for deleting.

To print a file, simply click on the "3D printer" icon next to the desired file name.


While printing, a progress status bar displays the file name  and completion percentage.

Time remaining and printing layer will automatically update while the printing process takes place.

Printer temperature is a visual indicator to monitor the amount of heat produced by the bed and nozzle.

You can pause or cancel a print at any time by clicking on the desired button.

While the print is paused, you are able to control movements and temperatures, which is great for switching out filaments!

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