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WiFi 3D Printing

In this guide we're going to setup the Raspberry Pi with Astro Print. AstroPrint is free, open source software for wirelessly managing 3D printers. It features a mobile friendly user interface that works across multiple devices and screen resolutions. 

This makes 3D printing easier to manage, eliminating the need for SD cards or manually controlling via USB. Astroprint also works in the cloud, so you can manage prints anywhere through a web browser!

The AstroPrint software is derived from the OctoPrint project and available for the Raspberry Pi and other Linux boards.

Monitor 3D Printers

Use the Raspberry camera module or a USB web cam to monitor your 3D printer. Use the built-in timelapse feature to capture prints. Get printing status, time elapsed and time remaining. Cancel or pause prints at any time. Set extruder temperaturess and Home-Z to control and prime your printer. Upload gcode locally or slice STL files using Astroprint in the cloud.

Easy Installation

Setting up your 3D printer with Astroprint is straightforward and only needs a few components to get going.

  • Download AstroPi image for Raspberry Pi
  • Burn image to an SD card
  • Connect USB Wifi Adapter to Pi
  • Connect 3D printer via USB to Raspberry Pi
  • Configure WiFi network settings in AstroPrint
  • Wirelessly 3D Print!

This guide was first published on Dec 30, 2014. It was last updated on Dec 30, 2014.

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