Remove Light socket


We started by gutting the light bulb socket using a rotary tool and pliers.


Use the Dremel to remove a center black section and then use the pliers to grip the edges and pray off. 

Base Plate


The 3D Printed Base plate will attach our Crickit with standoffs. The Base plate will press fits onto the bottom of the original Astrolite case and holds without the need of any additional hardware!


We'll use the (4) M3x15mm standoffs to attach the Crickit to the 3d Printed base.

CPX mounts


Next we'll assemble the included blot kit to the Circuit Playground Express. 


The 3D Printed Servo Mount attaches to the Circuit Playground Express. Align the cutaway over the JST port. 


Use two M3x6mm long screws to secure the Servo mount to the Circuit Playground Express. 

Mount to Crickit 


Now we can go ahead and secure the Circuit Playground Express to the Crickit


The printed Servo Holder will attach to the printed Servo Mount on the Circuit Playground via (4) M3x10mm standoffs. 

Servo Holder


Position the printed Servo Holder so the slot for the cable is aligned with the power jack.  Fasten the Servo Holder with (4) M3x6mm screws.

Align the cable on the Continuous Servo and press fit into the holder. 


Side NeoPixel Strip


The Side Light Neopixel Strips are angled 90 degrees and allow the maximum amount of light into the tubes. Check the direction of the strip and connect to the Neopixel terminal on the Crickit.

Servo horn 


The Servo Horn engages the color wheel by inserting two 25mm long standoffs into the circular hole pattern on the color wheel.


Press fit the horn onto the servos shaft. You can secure it further with one of the include servo horn screws.  

Mount Components 


Our AA battery pack fits inside the base, off to one side of the corners. We can secure it with double stick foam tape.


Pass the toggle on/off switch through the light socket opening.

Position Strip


Loop the Side Light Neopixel strip around the center of the case.  

Platform Standoffs


To elevate the base and provide more clearance, additional standoffs are added to the corners. We used (4) M3x10mm standoffs with M3x6mm screws.


This allows the color wheel to spin freely without catching the edges.

Attach Platform 


And that's it! Once the platform is elevated on each corner,  the platform simplify fits on top of the case.


We can peak through the side of the case to verify if the servo horn standoffs fit into the color wheel by hand turn until the hole fall into place.

CPX Case


Our crystal clear acrylic case for the CPX is a really nice companion.

We used a mix of tripod screws and 3d printed bits so we can work it into the astrolite kit.


The Adafruit CRICKIT has lots of IO so it’s easy to add more components like speakers for audio and sound effects.

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