Datadealer ships with 16 presets flashed on to the main chip. 

1. Shred a simple percussive saw sounds that works as a rhytmic bass or as a soaring lead when run through distortion and delay

Patches 2-16 were featured in the making of Infinity Shred's albums and are named after their corresponding songs

2. DATADLR a dreamy attack laden saw sound prime for dreamy arpeggios. Run through lots of reverb for peak-dreaminess

3. DATADLR2 a vocal sound with a short decay. Ghost-y. 

4. DATADLR3 a spooky but pleasant bell-like sound

5. LONGDIST a long attack detuned saw for creating swells

6. LONGDIS2 a short blipp-y saw sound prime for fast arpeggios

7. VOIDRPPR a crunchy short decay sound perfect for making your song sound more complicated than it actually is.

8. VOIDRPR2 a short decay vocal sound. Great with lots of delay and reverb - but what isn't these days?

9. SHDWJWLR VERY long attack detuned saw pad for dramatic swells

10. SHDWJWL2 a short beautiful bell sound for creating haunting memories

11. MAPPER a short decay rhythmic bass. Great for strict marching arps.

12. MAPPER2 an aggressive sustain saw bass. Sounds great with filter open or closed.

13. TOURIST we get it. Infinity Shred LOVES saws. This sound was used to make a fast delay heavy arpeggio.

14. KODIAK a noisey sweeper. Play around with the cutoff / resonance values while playing notes to emulate a terrible windstorm on a cold ice planet you now must call home

15. MONOLITH shred it up with this hot riff maker

16. MONOLTH2 cute but effective square wave for poppy arps


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