Woo! We're into the home stretch. It's time to place your screen into the iPad back panel. The best way to do this is to tilt it in, while feeding the ribbon through the hole you cut. The ribbon cable isn't incredibly malleable, so it will require some manuvering to guide it into the Qualia connector.

Once it's in, connect up your DisplayPort and Power Supply cables and give it a test run! If everything looks good, you can screw the panel in. If you're using the iPad 2 Back Panel, you should apply a dab of hot glue in both of the bottom corners (since you can't screw those in). Then, pop your front glass on. If the double stick tape on the glass is worn out from it's initial removal, it's a good idea to refresh it.

You can run the cables down the arm, and use those zipties to hold them down. Make sure to leave some slack around the joint, so the screen can adjust freely.

Hurray! Your lamp buddy is complete!! Celebratory dancing!! Now, for some glamor shots. This works really great in both portrait and landscape configurations.

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