While coding Hunt the Wumpus, I ran into a problem with one of my functions.  I wanted to use an enum to represent different hazards (bats, pits, Wumpus) and have a common function to check a given cave for hazards and return the enum of the first one found.  This helps with showing hazards in neighboring caves as well as checking a cave before the player moves into it.

I started by declaring a function which returns an enum:
HazardType check_for_hazards(uint8_t room_idx) {
  if (room_idx == bat1_room || room_idx == bat2_room) {
    return BAT;
  } else if (room_idx == pit1_room || room_idx == pit2_room) {
    return PIT;
  } else if (room_idx == wumpus_room) {
    return WUMPUS;
  } else {
    return NONE;
Unfortunately, this resulted in the following error message:
Hunt_The_Wumpus:-1: error: 'HazardType' does not name a type
It turns out that this is a known issue with a documented workaround and the fix was as simple as adding a header file Hunt_The_Wumpus.h to my project which contains the enum declaration and a function prototype:
enum HazardType { NONE=0, BAT=1, PIT=2, WUMPUS=4 };

HazardType check_for_hazards(uint8_t room_idx);
And including the file at the top of the main Hunt_The_Wumpus.ino file:
#include "Hunt_The_Wumpus.h"
Another interesting area of the code is related to reading button presses.  The RGB LCD shield library provides a function for reading which buttons are currently pressed as a bitmask.  For menu navigation, it's important to understand clicks.  By using a static unit8_t to store the last state of the buttons, it's possible to determine which buttons have been pressed and then released.  
void read_button_clicks() {
  static uint8_t last_buttons = 0;
  uint8_t buttons = lcd.readButtons();
  clicked_buttons = (last_buttons ^ buttons) & (~buttons);
  last_buttons = buttons;

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