This project doesn't need a ton of parts, and there's some flexibility based on whether you want to use a headset or speaker&mic.

Start off with the basics:

Then you can either go with speaker + mic for 'hold it up and talk' style


You'll also need a microUSB cable, soldering iron and solder, and possibly some wire or other basic electronic components!

Learn all about it!

Before you put together the Arduin-o-Phone you'll want to read up a bunch and be familiar with the:

Wire & Test FONA shield

OK now you're ready to put it together. Most of the soldering happens on the FONA shield. Don't forget to solder it with stacking headers!

  • Attach the Mini Metal Speaker to the SPKR pins by soldering the + wire to the + pad, and same with the - wire
  • Attach the Wired Electret Microphone to the MIC pins by soldering the red wire to + and black wire to -
  • Solder the Vibrating Motor Disc to the Buzzer pins by soldering the red wire to the + pad, and the black wire to -
  • Plug the Lipoly battery into the JST connector, and switch the slide switch to CHRG
  • Insert the SIM card
  • Carefully plug the GSM antenna into the uFL connector, it should snap on nicely
  • Plug the shield onto the Arduino and connect the Arduino to your computer

 OK now go through the FONA test to make sure your FONA can get onto the cellular network, make phone calls, etc:

Test TFT Shield

Once that works, plug the 2.8" TFT shield on top and run the touch-paint tutorial to make sure you've got the display and touch capability working

All working? OK, now you can go to the next step

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