Now that your Arduboy is wired, you can build your cabinet. There are many different materials and techniques you can use, from cardboard to LEGO, and 3D printing to woodworking. I'll show one method here, but feel free to get creative!


I drilled three holes for the joystick shaft and mounting screws, plus two more for the arcade buttons. I matched the sizes of bits to the job: 

  • 1-1/4" Forstner bit for buttons
  • 3/8" drill bit for joystick shaft
  • 5/32" drill bit for joystick screw mounts

Start by measuring, marking, and drilling for the joystick using the two proper size bits.

Then, do the same for the buttons, switching to the large Forstner bit. To prevent tear-out, it helps to place some scrap wood underneath the back side of where you're drilling the hole (see live build video for details.)


  • You'll also need to cut a hole to feed the wiring and connectors from the outside to the inside of the box
  • I made a rectangular series of cuts with a utility knife, and then used a chisel to cut out the hole big enough to fit the joystick interconnect
  • I also cut small pieces of scrap wood to form a dock base to hold the Arduboy at a jaunty angle


Now, you can attach the buttons and joystick, then feed all of the wiring into the box from the top and make the connections inside!


Push both buttons into their holes. They will snap into place, with the plastic retention clips that are molded into the button securing them.


  • Unscrew the ball from the end of the joystick, and remove the white collar. Then, push the joystick into place from the underside of the box
  • Make sure you maintain the proper direction of the joystick, with the interconnect facing "up"
  • Screw in the joystick from the topside, with the nuts underneath
  • Replace the white collar, and screw on the red ball


  • Push the interconnect wires into the box from the top side
  • Connect the joystick interconnect to the joystick as shown
  • Push the quick connect terminal from the green wire onto either lug on the white B button
  • Push the terminal from either ground quick connect onto the other lug of the white B button
  • Repeat this for the red A button

Your assembly is complete! Close up the bottom of the box, and then set the Arduboy into its dock!

Turn it on and enjoy some tiny games with big controls!!

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