Plug in a micro USB cable to the Feather, and plug the other end into your computer (particularly for USB MIDI usage) or a USB power supply.

For audio out, plug in a stereo 3.5mm TRS cable into the jack on the Protoboard -- plug the other end into your amplifier, powered speakers, or audio interface.

Optionally, if you're sending out classic MIDI signals, plug a MIDI cable into the MIDI out, which is the MIDI port closest to the reset button.

Power on the Arcade Synth Controller by pressing the green switch after a moment the buttons will light up and you're ready to play.

Start the arpeggiator by pressing the white button on the left on the front of the controller -- this button is unlit when the arps are stopped and lit up when they're playing.

You will hear the synth playing a C major arpeggio, as the first keyboard button on the controller is lit by default. Sucess!

Here are the other controls to try:

  • pick a different root note by pressing any red keyboard button. The root note will light up brighter than the others
  • speed up or slow down the tempo with the joystick right/left
  • increase or decrease the octave offset with the joystick up/down
  • expand the arpeggio range from one, two, or three octaves of the pattern with the white middle button on the front panel
  • cycle among eight different built-in arp patterns with the white right button on the front panel

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