You can use anything from a cardboard box to a steel enclosure to house your coin acceptor. Since we aren't leaving this out for crazed players at the local arcade, we don't need to worry about security, so a more moderate enclosure will do. We want the case to keep things neat, allow coins to be collected and match the looks of our Picade cabinet.

This design was made to be laser cut from acrylic, and is fastened with sixteen M2.5 x 16mm socket head screws and nuts. The coin acceptor mounts with the four included bolts and nuts, or your own M4 screws and nuts.

You can also print the vector files and use them as a template to cut out the material of your choice -- anything from foamcore board or cardboard with a hobby knife, to baltic birch plywood on a bandsaw.

Download the vector file linked here.

Either cut the vector paths on a laser cutter from 3mm (1/8") acrylic, or print the file and use it as a stencil to cut your parts with another tool.


Front Panel

  • First, mount the coin acceptor to the front face as shown here
  • Also, insert four of the M2.5 screws into the front panel, and thread on their nuts a few turns

Back Panel

  • Feed the wiring harness connector through the back panel's circular opening
  • Plug it into the coin acceptor
  • Add four M2.5 screws and nuts to the back panel as shown, and then fasten it and the front panel to one of the side panels
The panels are connected by sliding one of the nuts into the t-slot and then tightening the screw to pull the panels toward each other. Careful not to tighten too hard!

Bottom and Sides

  • Using the same method, fasten the bottom
  • Add the second side panel

Finish by fastening on the top panel!

Power it Up

You can now plug in your 12V DC wall adapter to the wall and to the female jack connected to the wiring harness. The coin acceptor will beep upon startup.

You can now position the coin box as you like, and open up your arcade for play!

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