Insert Quarter. What a wonderful phrase, that speaks of unlimited possibility! Today, we usually just press a button on our emulators when we see those words, but how much more fun to actually drop a coin into the slot to add credits!

This project will show you how to do just that. By connecting a programmable coin acceptor to the Picade controller, you can close the contacts on your coin credit pins that would normally be driven by a button.

You could build a simple version using the Programmable 1 Coin Type acceptor, maybe to use with one type of token or coin, but here we'll use the fancy Programmable 4 Coin Type acceptor and give players two credits for a 50 cent piece, and four credits for a Sacajawea or Susan B. Anthony!

1 x Coin Acceptor
Programmable 4 Coin Type
1 x Female DC Power adapter
2.1mm jack to screw terminal block
Do not use this to charge for games without checking your local/state/federal/planetary laws!!

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