Circuit Diagram

Use the diagram above to reference the wired connections. The length of wires are not exact, this is just a visual representation of the circuit. The Adafruit Arcade Bonnet has six JST connectors for quick-connect wires. To add more buttons and a mini analog joystick, we'll need to solder the wire connections.

Mini Joystick Potentiometers

This joystick uses 2x 10k potentiometers to emulate X&Y axes. They are wired just like two regular potentiometers! The terminals in the center is wired to signal while the left and right are wired to ground and +3V. The Bonnet will convert the analog signal to digital signal for you

Extra Buttons

For the Start and Select buttons, I'm wiring two buttons to the Left and Right pins on the 4-way stick section. Each button connects to an available ground pin, located on either side of the Adafruit Arcade Bonnet.

Note that within Retropie you can re-assign buttons to whatever you like, so it doesn't matter that the Bonnet silkscreen says "left/right" - in the software just set those buttons to Start/Select

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