Wiring More Buttons

This controller will have six arcade buttons for gameplay, plus Start and Select buttons, making a total of eight arcade buttons. The Arcade Bonnet features only six JST connectors for quickly connecting arcade buttons. For anything more, we'll have to manually solder them.

Prep Button Wires

For connecting the Start and Select arcade buttons, I'm using the quick-connect wires because it's easy to hook them up to the arcade buttons. However, since we don't have enough JST connectors on the Arcade Bonnet, we'll have to cut off the connectors from our two wires and connect them like we did for the analog joystick. Prep the wires by stripping and tinning the tips of each. 

Extra Button Pins

With our wires prepped and ready to connect, take a look at the Arcade Bonnet and map out where the wires will go. Each button will need to connect to a common ground. There are a total of six available ground pins, three on each side of the PCB. Each button will need to connect to one of the pins located in the 4way stick section. You have the option to wire them into any of the four pins. 

Solder Wires to Bonnet

Now that we planned out our wiring, we can solder them into the Arcade Bonnet. I connected mine to the L and R labeled pins. These are typically used for a 4-way joystick but we can re-use them for any number of controls. Solder two of the wires to either of the ground pins. I found the ones on the right side to work well.

Arcade Bonnet Wired

And now we have our extra button wires connected to the Arcade Bonnet! It will be easy to hook them up to our arcade buttons now – Which is necessary for assembling the enclosure.

This guide was first published on Jul 26, 2017. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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