Tack Header to Arcade Bonnet

In order to connect the Arcade Bonnet to our Raspberry Pi, we'll need to install the included 2x20 female header. To do this, I like using mounting tack to temporarily secure the header in place. Insert the header with the pins going from the bottom of the PCB like shown in the photo. Orientation doesn't matter that much, as long as it's placed through the bottom.

Solder Headers to Arcade Bonnet

Now it's time to solder up the 40 pins! Secure the PCB to the panavise, fire up the soldering iron, crank up the fume exactor and turn up the music – Whatever you find helpful. Tin the tip of the soldering iron with a bit of solder. Place the tip of the iron over a pin, apply solder wire to the joint. Allow the solder to "soak" into the pin to make a secured connection. Repeat for all 40 pins.

Arcade Bonnet Headers

Once you've completed soldering the headers, thoroughly inspect your work. Add more solder if necessary. Remove the mounting tack from the sides once you are complacent with your work.

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