My touch screen isn't showing up as a mouse / isn't responding!

If your AR1100 touch screen isn't working first up

  • Make sure you see the red LED blink faster when you touch the screen. If not, check that you have a good USB cable and power

If you get a reaction from the Red LED but its not moving the mouse cursor, its likely your AR1100 is in non-mouse mode. The AR1100 can get set into 'Digitizer' or 'raw HID' mode, its easy to fix, run the AR1100 software and don't calibrate just go into Expert mode if mode (or if you want to, go ahead and calibrate, doesn't matter)

Then select the Options button and when the window comes up, click on the AR1100 Mouse radio button and click Verify Communications - this will force the AR1100 into mouse

I'd like to use this touchscreen with Kodi but its not calibrated right

Check out this fine tutorial for more details on how to use the AR1100 with XBMC Kodi

How can I calibrate in Linux?

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