Split Mask

Make sure to split the Monster M4sk in a well ventilated area.

I used a set of panavises to hold the board and then aligned a pair of flush cutters along the perforations on the board near the nose bridge. 

Start by cutting the four ends of the perforation and then go back to finish cutting remaining edges.

Again, you’ll want to do this in a well ventilated area to avoid breathing in any dust and debris.

Attach springs

A compression spring is press fitted onto the 3d printed enclosure. You’ll want to tightly wrap the coil around the posts. You can optionally hot glue them in place.

Attach wire cover

Slide the Ninjaflex cover onto the headband – We’ll use this to cover up the wires and battery.

Attach springs to headband 

With both sets made they can be added to the headband by either slipping them on or wrapping the spring around the frame. Be careful, especially if your headband has padding or fabric.

Option Two: Longer Wires

We designed two variants, a short and a longer build, but still uses the same code! 

I used the 10 wire silicone ribbon cable to extend the 9-Pin cable.

We measured and cut a 240mm long piece of ribbon cable to fit the longer antenna.

Carefully cut the 9-Pin cable in the center. Strip and tin the wires and add heat heat shrink before soldering each wire.

I printed the longer spring "guts" covers and threaded the wires to reach the connectors on the two Monster M4sk boards.

Mount Battery 

The cover should have enough room for housing a 420mah lipo battery. Position the battery so the wire faces the PCB with the JST connector.

Thread wires

Then we can install the monster mask cable by threading it through the covering.

Mount Lens

These lenses will create a nice effect that makes the displays look like actual eye balls.

Mount boards

Place the PCBs over the lenses making sure they’re line up with the enclosure.

To reach the battery port, we wired up a JST extension cable.

The cutout on the case allows the JST wire to fit flush with the walls on the enclosure. Carefully shape the wire to fit between the JST and STEMMA connector.

Plug in cables

Now we can plug in the monster mask cable.

Each PCB has a connector for plugging in the cable.

The battery can then be connected. 

And with that in place we can install the covers by press fitting on.

NinjaFlex covers

We printed these little couplers in ninjaflex filament. 

This way we could cut them open and cover up the compression springs. 

This helps sell the effect and can match the color of your headband or costume.



And there you have it! That’s how you can build your own pair of antenna eyes.

You could also splice a longer cable to create a taller set of antennas.


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