Make the Hand

  • Align a piece of cardboard so that the "grain" of the corrugated flutes is oriented vertically
  • Use a pencil to trace your hand
  • With a hobby knife, cut out the pattern of your hand

Hinge the Joints

  • With a pencil, mark the locations of each finger joint
  • Gently score each mark with your knife to aid in bending
  • Carefully bend each joint to give the fingers a natural curl and to guide them later when they're pulled with a cord by the servos

Add Straw Channels

  • Cut small segments of drinking straws to length so that they will fit on each finger segments without colliding with their neighboring segments when bent
  • Using the hot melt glue gun, secure each segment in place

Add Cords

  • Cut four lengths of cord, string, or yarn to about 18" each
  • Thread each cord through the straw of its respective finger
  • Fold the tip over and glue it in place from the back
  • Once the glue has cooled sufficiently, test the pull of each string -- they should easily curl each finger

Rubber Band Return Tendons

  • Cut each rubber band into a single strip
  • Glue one end of each band to a finger tip on the back side of the finger
  • Using a pencil, poke a hole through the back of the hand at the base of each finger
  • Push the rubber band end through the hole, then pull it taut enough to give the finger a good return action, but not so tight that it can't be bent by pulling the cord
  • Tie off each band in the palm area

Mount the Hand

  • Position the hand at one edge of the box
  • Mark two spots to poke holes in the hand and the box side
  • Poke the holes through with the Make Do tool
  • Screw in two screws to hold the hand in place

Mount the Servo Motors

  • Lay out the servos so there will be enough clearance that the servo horns don't collide
  • Mark positions for each servo -- keep the marks a bit smaller than the dimensions of the servo so the fit will be tight and hold them in place
  • Cut the holes out with the hobby knife
  • Feed the wires into the box, then press the servos in place


Thread the Cords

  • Orient the shafts fully counter-clockwise
  • Lift of the servo horns and then reposition them on the shafts so the arm you'll connect to the cord is at the one o'clock position
  • Thread a cord through the end hole on that arm for each servo
  • Pull the cord taut, but not to much -- there should be a slight bend to each finger
  • Wrap off the cords around the servo horns like you would a cleat hitch -- a figure eight pattern where the final loop wraps the tail underneath the cord so it doesn't come loose

Run wires to CRICKIT

  • Position the CRICKIT on the box so there will be enough clearance to use the capacitive touch pads
  • Mark a position on the box near the servo connectors to run the wiring
  • Cut out the hole, then pull the wires up through
  • Plug in the servos -- the yellow signal wires should be at the outer edge of the board

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