The Monster M4sk comes installed with CircuitPython and eyes already loaded. We'll add the Fizzgig eyes and code. Start by downloading the two code packages below.

The file contains all the sound and image files you'll need, and FIZZGIG.UF2 contains all the fancy animatronics code.

Plug your Monster M4sk into your computer via the USB port. Please use a known-good USB cable with data + power wires.

A new flash drive will appear titled CIRCUITPY.

Unzip into a folder called fizzgig and copy it to the CIRCUITPY drive.

Next, take a look at the contents of CIRCUITPY. You should see the fizzgig folder you just copied over. Open that folder and look for config.eye

Delete the version of config.eye that's pre-loaded at the root of CIRCUITPY. Drag the config.eye from the fizzgig folder to the root, replacing the original file.

Press the reset button on the back of the Monster M4sk and take a look at the eyes. Did they turn yellow and fizzgig-like? Success!  Now let's add the code for the mouth.

Double-click the reset button on the bottom of the Monster M4sk. Your CIRCUITPY drive will change to read MONSTERM4SKBOOT.

Drag FIZZGIG.UF2 onto this drive. Once it's done copying, the Monster M4sk will reboot and the drive will change back to CIRCUITPY

That's it, all the code is installed. If you want more info about how this all works behind the scenes, or want to make your own customized behaviors, check out the Monster M4sk guide for all the details (especially the “Building Eyes from Source Code” page).

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