Create a growling, barking Fizzgig puppet with a moving mouth and LCD animated eyes. He's fierce and fancy, with sound effects and movement, and he's surprisingly easy to build. The Monster M4sk board does all the work.

Installing software is as easy as copying and pasting a few files. Then, plug in a servo, speaker, and hook up a trigger button, and you'll be growling at passers-by and protecting all the Gelflings in no time.

This is a great build to do with kids since most of the work is in building the craft-foam mouth and getting his hair just right. Set him up to guard your Halloween candy bowl, or wear him like a stole. Everyone needs their own animatronic Fizzgig.


1 x Monster M4sk
Adafruit Monster M4sk
1 x Acrylic Lens Holders
Clear Acrylics and Hardware Kit
1 x JST 9-Pin Cable
Connector Cable (Optional) for Separating the Eyes
2 x Lens
Convex Plastic Lens
1 x Servo
Micro Servo with 3-pin JST Connector
1 x 3-PIn Connector
Connector for the trigger button
1 x Button
Tactile Switch Button
1 x Breadboard
Half-sized Breadboard (if you don't want to solder the button)
1 x Battery
If you want him mobile! Otherwise plug in with a USB cable.

Also Needed

  • Inexpensive long haired wig -- I used this Heavy Metal Rocker one
  • Brown, red and white craft foam
  • A scrap of cardboard
  • Hot glue Gun
  • Krazy glue
  • Small speaker with a mini-jack connector
  • Small screwdriver

If you want to get fancy with your button, you'll also need a soldering iron and some heat shrink.

The speaker can be found online - any small speaker with a mini jack connector should work. Here is a lot more info about the kind of speakers that work well with the Monster M4sk.

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