We used stretchy elastic to make straps for my wings so they're easy to get on and off. 

The servos will wear out and break if the wings get moved too much while they're powered off, so be careful with them when they're not in use. We find that storing them hung on the wall is a great way to display the artwork and keep them safe from getting crushed or moved too much. 

If you've made big wings like these, you may find it's hard to get through doorways or maneuver in crowded environments when they're in the "open" position. You can use your potentiometer and switch to move them to the "closed" position and turn them off, and they'll stay in place there until you're ready to start flapping again.

We mounted my potentiometer in a wrist gauntlet so it's always within reach and won't get tangled up in my costume. With the wires threaded through the elastic strap, they stay tucked up against one's arm. Make sure to have several inches of ease in the wire, so you can't accidentally stretch your arm out and break a wire!

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