Install Headers

A set of 12-pin and 16-pin male header pins are soldered to the servo FeatherWing.

Use a breadboard to help install the headers.

Place a 12-pin and 16-pin headers onto the breadboard.

Fit the servo FeatherWing over the twoheader pins.

Soldering Headers

Solder all of the pins on the Servo FeatherWing.

Block Terminals & Headers

The screw-block terminal and 3x3 header pins that came with the Servo FeatherWing will need to be soldered.

Solder Terminal and Header

Install the screw-block terminal and 3x4 headers to the Servo FeatherWing.

Use mounting tack to temporarily secure the screw-block terminal and headers to the Servo FeatherWing.

Solder all of the pins on the screw-block terminal and headers.

Soldered ServoWing Headers

Double check the screw-block terminal and 3x3 headers have been fully soldered.

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