Connect PowerBoost to Doubler

The power cable from the PowerBoost 1000C will need to be soldered to the Doubler FeatherWing.

Wire PowerBoost 1000C to Doubler

Solder the 5V wire from the PowerBoost 1000C to the VBAT pin on the Doubler FeatherWing

Solder the GND wire from the PowerBoost 1000C to the GND pin on the Doubler FeatherWing.

Connect PowerBoost to ServoWing

Hook up the remaining voltage and ground wires from the PowerBoost 1000C to the voltage and ground pins on the screw-block terminal on the ServoWing FeatherWing.

Install Feathers to Doubler

Fit the Feather M4 and Servo FeatherWing onto the Doubler FeatherWing.

3-pin JST cable

A 3-pin JST cable is soldered to the Doubler FeatherWing for connecting the potentiometer to adjust the speed.

Solder the red wire to 3V pin, black wire to a ground pin and white wire to the A0 pin on the Doubler FeatherWing.

Soldered 3-pin JST cable

Double check the wires from the 3-pin JST cable has been fully soldered.

Connect Battery to PowerBoost for Testing

Plug in the cable from the battery to the JST port on the PowerBoost 1000C.

The PowerBoost 1000C shall remain off when the battery is connected.

Test Circuit

Connect the potentiometer switch to the PowerBoost 1000C.

Use the switch on the potentiometer to turn on the PowerBoost 1000C.

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