Headers for Doubler FeatherWing

Use 2x 12-pin and 16-pin short socket headers.

Installing Headers

Use the headers on the Feather M4 to help install the socket headers to the Doubler FeatherWing.

Carefully fit the socket headers onto the male headers.

Install Doubler FeatherWing

Place the Doubler FeatherWing over the pins of the socket headers. They should be fitted through the pins.

Secure PCB for Soldering

Use a PCB vise to secure the Feather with the socket headers installed.

The Feather is secured face down with the pins from the socket headers facing up.

Solder Headers

Place the Doubler FeatherWing over the two rows of pins. The silkscreen should be facing down. 

Solder the 12-pin and 16-pin socket headers to the pins on the Doubler FeatherWing.

Soldered Set of Headers

Check the solder joints are solid and each of the pins has been fully soldered.

Solder Second Set

Repeat this process for the second set of 12-pin and 16-pin headers.

Dual Headers Soldered

Double check the the two sets of socket headers has been fully soldered.

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