Hardware for Battery Holder

Use screws and lock nuts to secure the battery holder to the back plate.

  • M3 x 8mm screws
  • M3 lock nuts with nylon insert

Installing Hex Nuts

Insert an M3 x 8mm long screw through one of the holes on the battery holder.

Fasten an M3 lock nut onto the thread of the screws.

Use pliers to grip the lock nut while fastening the screw.

Fasten the M3 screw to force the M3 lock nut into the cavity.

Installed Hex Nuts

Repeat this process for the second lock nut.

The two nuts should be fully pressed into the cavities on the battery holder.

Remove the screws from the lock nuts to proceed.

Secure Battery Holder

Insert an M3 screw through the holes on the back plate. Reference the image below for the correct mounting holes.

Installed Battery Holder

Fasten the two M3 screws to secure the battery holder to the back plate.

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