If you'd like to change the brightness of your stars, look no further than Mu. Changes are reflected as soon as you save your new code!

The LEDs are by default set to half-brightness. You can change this setting in the while True: loop.

For example, changing the value of my_drive.duty_cycle from 32768 to 16384 will dim the lights by half. What's great about programming in this way is you can see the change occur as soon as you hit save!

Alternative Versions

Rather than lighting up the stars with LEDs, it can be fun to make multiple stars spin together.

Let your imagination run wild!

In this version, the LEDs are removed and the holes are widened.


Some bamboo skewers poke through the painting and attach to the star cutouts in front. Cardboard discs are attached in back to act as pulleys.


A rubber band serves as a drive belt to transfer the spinning motion from one motor to multiple stars at once.

More projects!

If you enjoy CircuitPython and want to continue learning you can find lots more CircuitPython projects on the Adafruit Learn System.

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