This diagram shows the connections to be made:

The LiPoly backpack sits atop the Pro Trinket on the BUS, G and BAT+ pins, and the power jumpers are modified to connect a switch.

The vibration sensor switch connects to Pro Trinket pins 3 and 4.

The remaining connections are:

Pro Trinket Pin

OLED Display Pin















However, the Pro Trinket and display are installed back to back, so the routing won't exactly follow the diagram above…one side will be in mirror-image. Also, much shorter wire lengths can be used! Here’s the process…

Cut Traces

Enable the on and off swtich by cutting the trace between the power switch.

Add slide switch

Measure wires for the slide switch and cover the jumper pad so they don't make conect with Trinket.

Measure Trinket wires

Align the monitor on top to meaure how long each wire needs to be, add a bit of wiggle room to be safe.

Bend wires into shape

Adjust the wire so they sit in each through hole for monitor.

Bend wires tips

Secure the monitor in place while soldering by bending the wire tips.

Vibration Sensor

Add the vibration sensor between pins 4 and 3

Bend Vibration sensor pins

Use a pair of flat pliers to hold the end of the vibrations pins while bending them across the Trinket as shown.

Add Battery

Connect the battery using a small amount of tac to hold it in place. 

Insert Circuit into case

Slide the complete circuit in at an angle, port side first as shown above.

Insert Slide Switch

Wiggle the slide switch into the clips at an angle with a pair of tweezers.

Mount monitor

Use a #4 screw to securly mount the monitor into the case.

Back cover

Align the back cover and use another #4 screw to tight to the back.

Wear it!

Add a split ring and necklace and rock out to retro goodness!

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