Among the appealing features of Adafruit’s ARM boards is the use of the UF2 bootloader, which makes these boards show up as a small USB flash drive on your computer. Just double-tap the reset button and copy a pre-compiled binary file over to this drive…no need to install or compile anything special with the Arduino IDE! We have a few ready-made animated eyes for some of the Adafruit boards that have screens attached…

The hazel Human eye is used by default in our animated eyes code, with an anime-sized iris.

The Dragon eye demonstrates use of a slit pupil.

Some animals have such huge irises you rarely see the sclera (the white part of the eye). No_Sclera is an example eye for these situations.

The Newt eye originated from the Eye of Newt pendant guide…but this one’s trivial to install thanks to the UF2 bootloader.

The Terminator eye design originated with the Terminator Eyeball Upgrade guide…but again, so much easier to install now.

Circuit Playground Bluefruit with TFT Gizmo

These are compiled for the Circuit Playground Bluefruit board with TFT Gizmo and will not work on other boards.

Currently, the pupil reacts to the light sensor…this is a bug, the pupil should have its own movements because the sensor is on the reverse side from the TFT display. These UF2s will be updated once it’s resolved.

This is a highly specific Cybernetic Santa Claus version that includes both our Terminator eye graphics and the code to drive a strand of 30 NeoPixels plugged into the TFT Gizmo's A2 port. 

Circuit Playground Express with TFT Gizmo

Similar to the above, these are compiled specifically for Circuit Playground Express with the TFT Gizmo; they will not work on other boards. The light sensor is not used here, since it’s on the opposite side from the display…instead the pupil dilates on its own. This can all be changed if you compile from the source code.

Other Boards, and Customizing the Look

Ready-made eyes for the Adafruit HalloWing M0 board are available in the HalloWing guide.

For the HalloWing M4 and MONSTER M4SK, see the MONSTER M4SK guide. This one works a bit different…the code and graphics are separate pieces.

For everything else, including customizing the behavior and look of the eyes, you’ll need to compile from source code, explained in the original “Uncanny Eyes” guide.

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