GBoard is an alternate keyboard for Android Devices. It has flexibility not found in the keyboard that came with your phone as most Android devices come with keyboard software by the phone manufacturer unless, perhaps, if you are on a Google brand phone.

You can install GBoard by going to the Google Play Store. The icon in your phone should be similar to the one below.

Search for GBoard. Make sure it is the app by Google and not some third party app. Select Get.

When the app is downloaded, click Install.

source: wikihow, marked "fair use"

Launch/Run the app after it is installed. It will go through some configuration settings. Allow GBoard to be your keyboard and make it the default keyboard.

It will go to settings, you can set it up for your preferences.

credit: wikihow, marked "fair use"

Changing Keyboards to add GBoard and the Morse Option

Google has a standard guide on how to configure your Android device to accept both a regular keyboard in your language and a Morse keyboard.

When you have your regular keyboard up and you wish to switch to the Morse keyboard, press and hold the Globe icon  on the GBoard keyboard. That is Google's method of allowing to switch back & forth.

This guide was first published on Jul 24, 2018. It was last updated on Nov 29, 2023.

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