Assemble the Notifier

Now, you can use your iOS Notification Gizmo! I assembled the board with a battery between the TFT Gizmo and the CPB as shown here.

I decided to print one of the the 3D cases designed by the Ruiz Bros. in this guide so I can use it as a sort of pocket watch style alert device!

Use the Notifier

To use the notifier, the first step is to connect to Bluefruit.

First, make sure the Notifier is powered on. You'll see the connect to Bluetooth device screen.

On your iOS device, make sure Bluetooth is turned on and go to Settings > Bluetooth.

Pick the Circuit Playground Bluefruit device that shows up, and then press the "Pair" button.



Once connected, you'll see the default notifications bell screen. This indicates that there is a Bluetooth connection to your iOS device and no new notifications are in your notification center.


Hey look! An SMS notification came in! Now I now to look at my phone and read the message.Oh, it's an Arrested Development GIF from my friend Tod featuring Tobias Fünke, awesome!

Now, I can clear the message from the iOS Notification screen and this will also clear it from the Gizmo screen.

Multiple Notifications

By pressing the A and B buttons on the CPB we can see there are notifications from a couple of different applications, in this case Basecamp and Discord.



This guide was first published on Dec 20, 2019. It was last updated on Jul 13, 2024.

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