There's a few other protocols that you might bump into on your IoT journey but we covered the big Three: HTTP/REST, MQTT and CoAP.

Even though protocols and transports are two layers of your IoT network, they aren't completely independent.

  • In particular, you'll likely be using REST whenever you have a transport that has high bandwidth and speed - like Ethernet, when your transport is Internet-connected and talking to online services.
  • MQTT is most often used when your transport has battery, bandwidth or packet size restrictions, like WiFi or Cellular.
  • Finally, CoAP is there when you have very-low bandwidth stateless connections like LoRa, ZigBee or Bluetooth.

Once you've picked your transport and protocol, you can take the next step and start sketching out your IoT network. That will mean determining what services you will be using.

Until then, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen and goodbye!

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