Scheduled vs. Reactive Triggers

While you can build just about any kind of IoT device or project with the feeds and dashboards we’ve demonstrated, we can add a little more logic and integration using triggers and services.

Triggers are a way to do something when a certain situation occurs. There’s two kinds of triggers supported at this time: Scheduled and Reactive.


Scheduled Triggers

Scheduled triggers are the simplest. They’re a little like the Feed Notifications we mentioned earlier. You can simply have a feed value emailed to yourself on a set schedule. For example, here’s an example email from a scheduled trigger for my temperature feed.

Reactive Triggers

Reactive Triggers are much more advanced, and can integrate basic logic. At a basic level, they check if a feed value is somehow comparable to a value or to even another feed. If so, you’ll be able to send an email notification, post a webhook or even publish a message to another feed. For example, you can set up a reactive trigger to notify you when the temperature falls below a certain value. When paired with Feed Notification you can easily keep track of the health of your feed and also when something’s gone wrong.


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