Notifications and triggers are handy for keeping tabs on your feeds, and the webhooks capabilites give you a lot of integration options. But, you may want to integrate into more services besides emails, and sometimes the webhook data is not formatted in the exact right way. Service integration in Adafruit IO let's you super-charge your feeds.

IFTTT and Zapier

Both IFTTT and Zapier are ‘cross-linking’ services that are popular and wide ranging. They basically take data and shuffle it between services. We have integration with both of these services, and best of all, they’re free! Once you sign up, you can create triggers, much like the ones that are built into Adafruit IO but with much more control and possibilities.

For hands on experience with IFTTT check out this learn guide that will teach you to make a small mailbox to sit on your desk and notify you about incoming emails. When a new email is received, it raises a flag and gently lowers it back down.

Or you can check out this learn guide that will show you how you can use an Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller board with a door sensor to email/tweet/text you when your door has opened!

Zapier is similar to IFTTT, so we won’t demo both - they do have some differences in integration capabilities, so we recommend signing up for both and seeing which one gives you the connection you’re looking for. One thing to note is that both IFTTT and Zapier have some delay to them, you wont have messages come and go instantly the way webhooks do. Sometimes there can be up to 15 minutes delay, or even a dropped message could occur. You’ll want to do plenty of experimentation to figure out whether it makes sense to use Adafruit IO Triggers, notifications, webhooks or Zapier/IFTTT.

For more information on Zapier feel free to check out this learn guide that goes more in depth.

And if you'd like to try a project with Zapier we have a wonderful learn guide for making Adafruit IO Time tracking Cube!

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