Now you’re probably really excited to get started with Adafruit IO, maybe you even have some ideas for your first IoT build.  The good news is getting started with Adafruit IO is easy and...free! That’s right, the introductory account that can do just about everything we’ve shown in this video is free with your Adafruit account.  Adafruit IO’s basic service gives you:

  • 30 data points per minute
  • 30 days of data storage
  • 10 feeds
  • 5 dashboards
  • Notifications, triggers and service integrations

After you’ve gotten comfortable with the basic Adafruit IO service, and have had a chance to try out the APIs and services, you may want more and you’re ready to power up you can upgrade to Adafruit IO Plus for:

  • 60 data points per minute
  • 60 days of data storage
  • unlimited dashboards
  • and unlimited feeds
  • Improved integrations including emailed triggers and Dark Skies weather service

You can subscribe monthly for $10. If you’d like to save some money there is even a yearly pass card, available for $99 on Digikey.com that will give you a full year of Adafruit IO Plus.

Each purchase gets you all the goodies we’ve mentioned, any new services and integrations we’ll be adding, and help support and improve Adafruit IO!

This guide was first published on Mar 14, 2019. It was last updated on Mar 01, 2024.

This page (IO Plus) was last updated on Mar 05, 2019.

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