One of our favorite tools in the Adafruit factory is our laser cutter. A laser cutter is a tool made of an XY plotter with a bed about 12"x24" in size. Instead of a plotting pen, a laser beam is fired so that any shape can be cut out of a flat piece of plastic, wood, fabric, leather, etc. Even though laser cutters can only cut out of flat materials they are surprisingly versatile. By snapping together pieces and gluing or screwing parts together a full enclosure can be made.

For example, here is a laser-cut snap-together enclosure for the Raspberry Pi

They're also very fast and precise, and sometimes have the ability to 'raster' an image with remarkable results.

We wrote these tutorials up a few years ago, but they're still very useful for anyone with a laser cutter or thinking about adding a cutter to their workshop or hackerspace

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