IOT Air Sensor Monitor

Build a 3D printed enclosure for your IOT Air Quality Sensor. This project is similar to our other air quality sensor guide, except it uses Adafruit STEMMA sensors and has minimal soldering required.


This project uses sensors to measure PM2.5 (particles that are 2.5 microns or smaller in diameter) dust concentrations, temperature and humidity

This weatherproof enclosure is modeled after a silo-home. We've included different types of mounting holes and brackets for different mounting configurations.

Adafruit IO

Build an Adafruit IO Dashboard to visualize your air quality sensor's data at a glance. Adafruit IO is free and includes up to 30 days of storage for your sensor's data. 

You can view and interact with this data from anywhere in the world with a wireless connection.

Enclosure Design

The case is themed to resemble a modern silo grain bin house. The roof is removable by unscrewing the top from the case. The Feather boards are securely mounted inside via heat set inserts. A mounting plate is used to secure the enclosure to a surface. Weatherproof cable gland is used to keep moisture out. The bottom cover is modular allowing for a different set of sensors.

Choose Your Sensors

The enclosure and code accommodate for two different sets of sensors. Take a moment to choose your set up.

  • BME280 & PMS5003
  • BME680 & PMSA003i

Prerequisite Guides

Take a moment to walk through the following guides to get familiar with the board, sensors and Adafruit IO.


Angled shot of a Adafruit Feather M4 Express.
It's what you've been waiting for, the Feather M4 Express featuring ATSAMD51. This Feather is fast like a swift, smart like an owl, strong like a ox-bird (it's half ox,...
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Angled shot of Adafruit AirLift FeatherWing.
Give your Feather project a lift with the Adafruit AirLift FeatherWing - a FeatherWing that lets you use the powerful ESP32 as a WiFi co-processor. You probably have your...
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Person soldering next to sensor, which detects the fumes and lights up an LED red
Breathe easy, knowing that you can track and sense the quality of the air around you with the PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor with Breadboard Adapter particulate sensor....
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Adafruit PMSA003I PM2.5 Air Quality Breakout
Breathe easy, knowing that you can track and sense the quality of the air around you with this Adafruit PMSA003I Air Quality Breakout. This sensor is great for...
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Adafruit BME280 I2C or SPI Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor
Bosch has stepped up their game with their new BME280 sensor, an environmental sensor with temperature, barometric pressure and humidity! This sensor is great for all sorts...
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Adafruit BME680 - Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Gas Sensor
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Double prototyping feather wing PCB with socket headers installed
This is the FeatherWing Doubler - a prototyping add-on and more for all Feather boards. This is similar to our
In Stock
1 x STEMMA QT Cable
Qwiic JST SH 4-pin Cable - 100mm Long
1 x USB Extension Cable
3 meters / 10 ft long
1 x USB A/Micro Cable - 2m
USB A/Micro Cable - 2m
1 x PG7 Cable Gland
Cable Gland PG-7 size - 0.118" to 0.169" Cable Diameter - PG-7
1 x USB Micro B Connector
USB DIY Slim Connector Shell - MicroB Plug
1 x M3 Heat-Set Inserts
Brass Heat-Set Inserts for Plastic - M3 x 4mm - 50 pack
1 x Silicone Cover Stranded-Core Ribbon Cable
10 Wire 1 Meter Long - 28AWG Black
1 x M2.5 Hardware
Black Nylon Screw and Stand-off Set – M2.5 Thread
4 x M3 Hardware
M3 screws, hex nuts and standoffs
4 x M3 x 20mm Standoffs
M3 x 20mm Standoffs
1 x USB Power Supply
5V 1A (1000mA) USB port power supply - UL Listed

Hardware List

  • 4x M3 x 4mm heat-set inserts (silo case)
  • 4x M3 x 6mm flat head machine screws (silo standoffs)
  • 4x M3 hex nuts (silo standoffs)
  • 2x M3 x 8mm button head machine screws (PCB mount for silo)
  • 2x M3 x 6mm thumb screws (bottom cover for silo)
  • 8x M2.5 x 4mm button head machine screws (PCB mount for FeatherWing Doubler)
  • 4x M2.5 x 6mm FF standoffs (PCB mount for FeatherWing Doubler)
  • 2x M5 x 8mm button head screws (silo mounting plate to wall)

For PMSA003i

  • 2x M3 x 6mm button head machine screws

For BME280

  • 2x M2.5 x 4mm flat head machine screws

For BME680

  • 4x M2.5 x 4mm flat head machine screws

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