This part of the tutorial covers everything you'll need to build and run your own freezer temperature monitor and alert system. We'll cover how to build the device, setting up a free online database, flashing code onto the device, monitoring the database and sending email alerts. The components used in this project can measure temperatures as low as -200 Celsius.

This part of the project takes about 60 to 90 minutes to build.


a) Adafruit Feather Huzzah32

b) Adafruit MCP9600

c) Adafruit Type K Thermocouple

d) Jumper Wires

e) Breadboard 


1. Solder the screw terminal to the top side of your MCP9600. 

2. Solder the pins to the bottom side of the MCP9600.

Tip: Put the in the breadboard to hold them in place when soldering.

3. Insert the ESP32 and thermocouple amplifier into the breadboard.

4. Follow the wiring diagram below to connect the thermocouple amplifier to the ESP32 using your jumper wires.

And a view when complete:

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