Design Files

The latest PCB design files (for Autodesk Eagle) can be found on Github at:

If you use Fritzing, the Fritzing object for this breakout is also available on Github at:


You can download the datasheet for the ADXL343 via the button below:

Apps Notes

Full-Features Pedometer Design (Analog Devices)

If you're interested in going one step further with the ADXL34x device family, you may find the following app-note from Analog Devices useful for ideas of technical tips:

This app note details a method of performing 'step detection' with an algorithm using threshold crossing and timing intervals, and may be a useful introduction to correlating sensor data with a specific behaviour model.

Schematic and Fab Print STEMMA QT Version

Schematic and Fab Print Original Version

All measurements below are in inches!

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